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Principal Attorney

Attorney Jeff Wang

Attorney Jeff Wang is a graduate of Chicago Kent College of Law and has been practicing law for over ten years. He was licensed to practice law in 2010.


Jeff began his legal career as an associate at C-K Law Group and later at Chicago office of international law firm K&L Gates LLP. Though he enjoyed the work environment, Jeff desired to be in private practice and be more hands on in helping people resolve their legal matters. In 2011, he opened a law office in the City of Aurora where he has practiced ever since.


Jeff’s practice has taken him down many roads. For several years he has concentrated in the practice areas of real estate, immigration, and business law.


Jeff has closed on all types of real estate including single family homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, warehouses and industrial property. He is also known for his experience in dealing with installment land sales contracts, solving complicated title issues and countless other areas of real estate law. He judges the success of each outcome according to the client’s satisfaction at the end.

Jeff has also helped so many individuals and family to achieve their American Dreams. From non-immigrant visa statuses such as E, H, L, and O visas to immigrant visa statuses including family based visas and employment based visas, Jeff designed efficient solutions for immigration clients and help them to achieve their goals of living and working in the United States.

Another practice area of Jeff’s is business law. He has been representing clients in the formation of new corporations and limited liability companies. Many times he has helped existing companies revise their legal structure that wasn’t best for the company. Jeff also has made transactional business law a main practice area, He closes on businesses, including franchises, both on the selling and buying sides.


This extensive background and experience in so many practice areas makes Jeff an excellent choice for all of your legal needs. He is proud of what his colleagues and clients have had to say about him and his practice of law on

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